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Anatomy of a Hot Flash

One minute I'm sleeping soundly. Or so I think. I don't really know because, well, I'm sleeping.

The next I'm wide awake in the dark wondering what time it is and why I'm wide awake.

Almost instantly, my chest burns like I've been thrust into the atrocious heat of a summer's day in Cairo. My sternum starts to sweat and the heat crawls like roaches from my chest to my neck to my chin. It fills my eyes and makes my scalp itch. 

I can't rip my shirt off fast enough, throw the blankets far enough. 

It lasts 10 or 15 minutes. Maybe only five. It feels like an hour. 

Try going back to sleep after that.

Last night, I tossed and turned and wondered when I'd fall back to sleep before giving up the delusion. It was 2:06 when I walked into the kitchen for the computer. CURSED! I was hoping for at least the crack of dawn. But 2 o'clock meant I'd actually have to get back to sleep...

Which I did some two hours later. 

Here's the cruel irony: the night sweats started about the time Tobias finally started sleeping through the night. 

Thanks a lot universe.

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