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Photo Chronicles

Lately, it feels like the Universe swallowed me whole at Christmas and spit out a shit sandwich. Funny, then, that I can still get swept away on the new year's wave of rejuvenation and possibility.

That's what happened yesterday when I was moseying along the Internet, making my way from one blog to another when I stopped by a friend's site and saw that she started a daily photo project in 2011. She shared a link to someone who just finished one and just like that one, two, three, I tripped into crazy town.

"I should do that," I thought. 

And then I did. 

I know my limits; but I'm not hamstrung by them. I know I'm not a photographer, but I take pictures anyway because I am the family chronicler. Our year started with a walk around the U.S Capitol building.

I wonder where it will take us. Where it will end. 

Reader Comments (2)

Taking the step from "I should do that" to "I did" may seem small. But it is nothing short of courage in action.

Most people, myself included, can identify steps that would increase happiness yet never follow through.

You are a minority, a brilliant beautiful minority.

January 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterHusband of the Goddess

Good luck with your project! I'm determined to stick with mine this year.
So far it's only been iPhone and I'm enjoying it. It's challenging, but I like a challenge.

January 7, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterReckless Sarcasm

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