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Christmas is Coming

Before I went to NYC for the BlogHer writer's conference, I was a bit of an anxious mess: fretting over my story pitch and nervous about feeling alone in a sea of strangers. 

The event started ominously with a cocktail party. The small talk and chatty banter required of such soirees exhausts and even frightens people like me who are laughably ill-equipped for mingling comfortably. I put my best game face on anyway and prepared to do a fast lap around the room before skulking back to the 29th floor to order room service. 

Instead, I walked into the bar and immediately saw Neil, a blogger whose work I read and admire and someone I occasionally correspond with on Twitter. I walked awkwardly up to introduce myself and was shocked when he said "Hey!" spread his arms wide and hugged me. It was one of those small, but gigantic gestures, one full of warmth and kindness that set the tone for the entire conference. 

Under normal circumstances, I'd happily watch an online holiday concert that features bloggers singing seasonal standards, but I'd never join in. But given that it's a concert put on by someone with such a big heart, well, I rallied the kids and we put together a piece. 

Click on over to the sixth annual Christmashanukwazaakah where you'll find gorgeous singers and skillful pianists, ukulele players, and creative, sometimes hilarious interpretations of old holiday favorites. And then there is us. 

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